About us

I moved to the Isle of Skye in 2003 after spending a week there on holiday. I had fallen in love with the landscape and the dream of my children growing up in a safe, clean environment. I was amazed from the start, not only at the friendliness of the locals but the amazing array of talent on show which came in many forms. Musicians, artists, crafters there was always something going on. It was clear to see where their inspiration came fromwith the amazingly beautiful landscape surrounding them. Wherever you go you will find studios attached/or adjacent to peoples homes which are open to the public. I'd never seen this before, I thought what a brilliant idea!

As my children grew older and I got more time to myself, it was now the time to bring out the creative side that I hadn't used since school. I started back in 2009 after my husband bought me a jewellery making starter kit and booked me into a local (rather large) craft fayre at the Clan Donald Centre in Sleat, south Skye. I traded under 'Gothic Angel Jewellery' in the early days as it was mainly jewellery I made. I started with basic beaded jewellery and stretchy bracelets, then developed our rock tumbled 'Skye Marble' range which is a big hit with the tourists and locals. I then moved on to more elaborate gemstone, wirework and resin jewellery. 

As the years went on I developed an interest in knitting again so shawls, scarves, and cowls were added to my list of items for sale.  I ventured near and far to various craft events and ended up with a stall at the original Broadford market square where I traded for 3 and a half years, all while working in a full-time job. Since then things have changed quite a bit with the opening of two further businesses, our Bed and Breakfast and Self-catering studio. Life then became very busy and obviously I couldn't fit everything in so this is when we came up with the idea of The Kraft Kabin. Thinking back to seeing the studios at peoples homes I thought it would work perfectly. It would be situated in our garden and would be much easier for trading so I could also be on hand for the other business' and it would give my long suffering husband space back in the house! Having this extra space also gave me the chance to expand into other crafts because, as crafters know, there's always something new to learn. 

In 2014 The Kraft Kabin was built in our garden as a workshop, storage area and shop for my ever growing hobbies. Thanks to the help of our family and friends the Kabin  was assembled and built over a rather damp September weekend.  We now have many visitors with quite a few from around the globe. Due to running a busy B & B we have custormers all year round who are always looking to buy something locally made.  We also have many friends, visitors and neighbours who pop by to pick up a gift or something for themselves. We are open all year round, with the exception of the odd holiday. Check our Facebook page for up to date opening times. 

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